Staying Faithful To A Faithful God

People often have different views when it comes to being faithful.
Some people are faithful until something happens that disappoints them. Others are faithful until something doesn’t turn out the way they thought it would. However, faithfulness is just what God said it is – it’s sticking to Him and His Word no matter what happens. A lot of people in the Body of Christ have never made that commitment. They just take it one day at a time and say, “Let’s see how it turns out. We don’t really want to make a commitment until we see if God is going to supply our need or provide that car.” But to be faithful, you have to make a commitment and back it with your life.

There is no such thing as overflow to the person who is not deeply committed. Proverbs 28:20 says, “A faithful man shall abound with blessings…” Show me a scripture where the quitter will abound. There is not one. You may say, “Well, I’ve been tithing three weeks, so I’m faithful.” Anyone can do something for three weeks. Let’s see what you are doing after three years. Let’s see what you are doing after 30 years. Faithfulness is not measured over a few weeks. Faithfulness is measured over time.

You may say, “How do I develop unwavering faith? It takes a revelation of God’s faithfulness to become faithful. If you go through the Bible, you will find stories where God’s people were facing impossible odds, but God promised to deliver them and He always came through for them. Watch Him do it time and time again, and it will inspire and energize your faith in the faithfulness of God.

Second Samuel 5 tells the story of David on the day he was anointed king of Israel. The Bible says the Philistines heard about it and gathered against him. In the natural it was an impossible task for David and his army to defeat the entire army of the Philistines and David knew it. So, what did David do? He went to God and said, “Do You want me to pursue them?”
God said, Yes.
David then asked, “Can I count on You to deliver them into my hand?”
And God answered Yes.

So, David and his army met the Philistine army on the battlefields in the Valley of Rephaim and God came through just like He said He would. It was such a marvelous victory, and it impressed David so, that he named the battlefield “Lord of the breaking through” as a memorial to God and His faithfulness.

When I read stories like that it builds my faith. I know when I am facing impossible odds, the same God who proved His faithfulness to David will prove His faithfulness to me. And He has for 63 years. If there is one thing I have discovered about God in my relationship with Him, it’s that He is faithful. He has never disappointed me, and He has never let me down. I can’t say that He’s always showed up in the time frame I would have liked Him to, but the bottom line is: He did show up. I have a friend who says, “God wears a wristwatch, but it doesn’t have hour, minute or second hands. God’s watch reads due season.”

In Psalm 23 David says, “The Lord is my shepherd.” A shepherd is one who feeds, sustains, protects, guides and provides. But he is also your unfailing companion. David spoke these words late in life, after he’d had a long relationship with God. He spoke from experience. In other words, this was no novice talking. It was someone who had walked with God over a period of a lifetime. And when he says God is faithful, it carries a lot of weight.

If you get a revelation of the love of God and His faithfulness, defeat will become a thing of the past. Deuteronomy 7:9 says, “Know therefore that the Lord your God, he is God, the faithful God, which keeps covenant….” Based on that scripture, you could say that God was the original promise keeper.

I have come across a number of people over the years that I thought were faithful. But when the heat was on, and when the crisis came, they were willing to let go of the Word. Many of them became offended at God.

That is the bottom line of every attack we experience. Every attack the devil has launched at you is an attempt to get you offended at God. I know people who seemed to have all the characteristics of being faithful until they lost their job, lost their business or lost a loved one, and then they blamed God. The next thing you know, they don’t want to have anything to do with God because they are offended at Him. But remember faithfulness is sticking with God no matter what happens.

“You mean no matter what happens, Ms. Mercedes? That’s right. No matter what happens. ”You mean if I don’t get healed?” If you don’t get healed. “You mean if my financial need isn’t met?” If it doesn’t get met. “If it looks like it’s never going to work?” Yes, even if it looks like it’s never going to work. With that kind of commitment, it will work. It may not work in your time frame, but it will come to pass. It may not turn out exactly how you thought it would, but God will honor His Word.

Besides, why would you want to give up now? Where would you go? The God you serve has delivered you from a devil’s hell, healed your body and restored your marriage. He has put food on your table; given you the table to put food on; given you a house; given you a car and given you the clothes on your back. Where else would you turn? Who else loves you that much? Who else can provide for you like that? There are no other gods that can do what our God can do. That is the reason He is called the Most High God.

Hebrews 10:38 says, “Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” Draw back is just another way of saying “waver, compromise or quit.” And the author of Hebrews makes it very clear where he stands. Verse 39 says, “But we are not of them who draw back….” In other words, “I’ve made my commitment and I am not of them who draws back. I am not of them who give up, I am not of them who get offended at God because things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. I am not of them. I’ve drawn the line in the sand.”

When you make the decision to stay faithful to a faithful God, just watch how He blesses you. He will reward you greatly and cause you to increase in wealth, honor and favor. That’s overflow!


When we accept the authority Jesus gave us, we realize we have the ability to withstand the devil’s lies, trickery, and deceit. The devil cannot force us to do anything – the only power he has is deception.  As Christians, we are righteous, holy, sanctified, and perfect. Not perfect in the sense that you’ve never made a mistake, but perfect in spirit, in complete and upright standing with God.

When we do not know the truth of who we are in Christ and the dominion that has been given to us, by default we turn that authority over to the enemy. We do not have to repeat Adam and Eve’s error. They gave their authority over to satan by believing and doing what he said instead of what God said. Christ has redeemed each of us. We are God’s own children. However, the devil will always try to shame us into thinking there something wrong with us. Ultimately this limits the believer that thinks he or she is not worthy of exercising the authority of God.

Not only do we have God’s compassionate and unconditional love; we have also been given unconditional authority. The devil tries to trick us into giving him what is rightfully ours—our God given authority. As James chapter 4 verse 7 instructs us to do – we must submit ourselves to God.

Resist the devil and he will flee!


Many Christians spend a considerable amount of time asking God to do things for them that He has already done, or has already told them to do. When we look at the concept of spiritual authority, it is simply the right to use God’s power. Praise and worship connects us to that power. Psalm 22:3 says God inhabits our praise. He can’t inhabit our praise if we won’t praise Him. There are Christians who come into the understanding of this concept and immediately start exercising it in their lives. But if they don’t see an overnight change in their situation they tend to think that something is wrong with God, or that what they are doing isn’t working. In actuality, the problem is their lack of consistency where the things of God are concerned. Consistency is the key to breakthrough. We don’t work out in the gym for one day then quit if we don’t see results. Likewise, we don’t praise God one time then quit if our breakthrough doesn’t show up. Praise and worship has to come from a place of knowing that God has already worked on our behalf, not the place of trying to get Him to do it. Right now, it may not look like that situation is ever going to turn around, however, keep thanking God. We must remain steadfast in His Word and don’t allow the devil to rob us of our faith right before we experience the manifestation of what has already been done. It is the will of God for every area of our lives to be blessed. Breakthrough is on the way.

SCRIPTURES:  Daniel 10:12 (AMP), Psalm 22:3, Isaiah 43:21, and John 10:10

Believe and Be Set Free

Depending on what we believe, life can either be a painful struggle or a joyful experience. The world can send us jumbled messages, so it’s extremely important to filter everything we see and hear through the lens of God’s grace. Believing something that doesn’t line up with the Word puts us in spiritual bondage; having faith in what God says opens our eyes to the truth, and the truth makes us free.

Grace is the truth that sets us free, and it’s something Jesus made available for us two thousand years ago without us having to earn it. When the message we get is that we’re sinners who will never amount to anything, God’s truth tells us different. Being born again and being in Christ makes us new creations, and old things are permanently passed away. This happened with Paul, who could truthfully say he had wronged no man even after he murdered countless Christians before being born again.

We are spirits possessing souls and living in physical bodies. Our spirits became as perfect as God’s the moment we got born again. The new spiritual man inside us is created in righteousness and true holiness, and even when we commit sinful acts we’re no longer sinners because our old sinful natures are gone. If we have trouble believing this, it’s because we need transformation through the renewing of our minds.

Being born again makes us children of God by faith, and the knowledge of this transforms our lives. Our identities are rooted in Christ and, because He never changes, our identities in Him will remain the same regardless of what we do. This is true liberation and good news for all who believe.


Prayer:  Lord, the knowledge of our identities in You sets us free and changes our lives. Because of what Your Son did, we’re no longer bound by earthly limitations. We’re grateful and thankful for that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Scriptures:  John 8:31, John 1:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 2 Corinthians 7:2, Acts 8:1-3, Ephesians 4:24, Romans 12:2, Galatians 3:26, and Hebrews 13:8.


Did you know that praising God invokes your spiritual authority and paralyzes the devil? The mistaken belief that God is in complete control is contradicted when you read in the book of Genesis that He gave Adam and Eve authority over all the earth. Because of their fall and the loss of that authority, Jesus came to restore it to mankind and give us dominion over heaven and hell. That may be very shocking to some Believers who don’t realize just how powerful Christ has made us. With that in mind, we must remember God will not come down from heaven to get the devil off our back. As Believers, we are expected to use our God-given power to do this ourselves. How? Through praise and thanksgiving. Praise and thanksgiving have real power in deciding the outcome of our situations. Giving thanks to God allows Him to move in our life and stops the devil in his tracks. In 2 Chronicles chapter 20, when the Moabites and the Ammonites gathered against Jehoshaphat to battle, the people did not know what to do. Despite being outnumbered, they responded by keeping their focus on God. God told them this was not their fight but His. The people’s praise, worship, and songs allowed God to intervene and He slew their enemies. Likewise, the same thing can happen for us when we give God praise and worship. Whether we dance and sing to music, lift our hands professing his goodness, or simply say, “Thank You Father” while sitting behind a desk at work, we allow God to take precedence over every circumstance in our life and defeat the enemy. When we stop struggling with the fight and start celebrating God, we are sure to see victory every single time.


Exodus 15:2                             2 Samuel 22:4                                     Luke 10:19

Philippians 2:10                      Colossians 2:6, 7                                 Mathew 21:15, 16

2 Chronicles 20:1-25

Undeserved Favor in our Lives

It’s unrealistic to think we can go through our entire lives without making any bad choices.

We all slip and fall from time to time on our Christian walk and, left to ourselves, we would eventually be overcome by guilt and condemnation. Without Jesus, that’s an uncomfortable thought, but accepting his unconditional love and acceptance brightens our prospects. When we feel we deserve punishment for a mistake we made, he gives us what we don’t deserve.

The world “keeps score” each time we make a mistake, and it tallies up the number of times we’ve done something wrong. Buying into this mindset can fool us into thinking we’re unlovable, but God’s way of thinking is the exact opposite. Trusting him enough to turn over every aspect of our lives to him positions us to receive grace. In the Old Testament, Noah found favor despite making mistakes like everyone else, and this favor is still available to us today.

Trying to perform according to the world’s standards is like running on a never ending treadmill. We can’t ever do enough to fulfill all the requirements set before us, but Jesus eliminates all the work and self effort the world insists is necessary. Developing a relationship with him releases us from the bondage of shame and guilt. He gave his very life to demonstrate this supernatural grace and forgiveness.

We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to experience favor; God wants to radically impact our lives right now, regardless of what we’ve done in the past. We don’t deserve abundant prosperity in every area of our lives, but he makes it available to us anyway. We don’t deserve peace and joy in tough times, or the ability to overcome situations that defeat others, but he offers those to us as well. Such is the nature of grace!

Look Beyond The Fear Of Failure

As we consider the uncertainties of the future, we are confronted with a powerful temptation: the temptation to “play it safe.”  Unwilling to move mountains, we fret over molehills.  Unwilling to entertain great hopes for tomorrow, we focus on the unfairness of today.  Unwilling to trust God completely, we take timid half-steps when God intends that we make giant leaps.

Today, ask God for the courage to step beyond the boundaries of your doubts.  Ask Him to guide you to a place where you can realize your full potential – a place where you are freed from the fear of failure.  Ask Him to do His part and commit to doing your part.  Don’t ask Him to lead you to a “safe” place; ask Him to lead you to the “right” place.  Remember, those two places are seldom the same.