The Truth About Worry – Part Three

Last week we talked about Peter, the storm and walking on water. We saw that when we mix fear with faith, faith ceases to work. The contamination is so strong, faith can’t do its job.

This is why the habit of worry is so detrimental. Worry is the tormenting of oneself with wrong thoughts. When you continually envision the loss of a job, a devastating illness, or overwhelming financial problems, you are actually helping these fears come to pass.

As a believer, you have the ability to get rid of fear and worry.  Remember the story of Jairus in Luke 8:41-55? Jairus had gone to ask Jesus to come to his home to heal his daughter, who was dying.  Jairus believed in Jesus’ ability to heal.  However, on the way to his house, Jesus encountered the woman with the issue of blood.  Jairus just stood there and watched as Jesus took care of the needs of the woman.  Don’t you think the devil was taunting him as he stood there waiting. The devil was probably telling him: Doesn’t Jesus care your daughter is dying?  How long is this going to take?

Jairus just kept quiet.  He didn’t give into fear.  He listened to the WORDS of Jesus as He spoke to the woman. And, since faith comes by hearing the WORD of God, his faith became stronger and steadfast.

But then a messenger came telling Jairus his daughter had died (Verse 49).  Can you imagine how difficult it was to hear those devastating words?  “But when Jesus heard it, He answered him, saying, “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” (Verse 50) Jairus obeyed Jesus.  He refused to fear.  In the verses that follow, we learn his daughter is alive and well.

The power to stop fear is in the WORD of God!  Nothing else has the power to stop fear.  This is why hearing the Word is so important.  Only through hearing and putting your faith in the Word, will you connect to that kind of power.

Now, you may say, “I CAN’T stop worrying!” or “That’s not realistic!”

Yes, you can.  Jairus proved it.  And, it’s not because he was in the presence of Jesus.  There are many born again, Spirit filled Christians, who have Jesus within them all the time and have made a career out of worrying.  Jesus’ presence is not the clincher.  It’s the WORD!  Everything Jesus said to Jairus, He says to every believer.  “Fear not, only believe!” (Luke 8:50).  Jesus commanded it, so we CAN do it.  Jesus would not command us to do something we could not obey.  That would be unjust.  Anything He tells us to do He EMPOWERS us to do by giving us His WORD.  Believe!

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