Just Jump! PART 3 – Walk It Out In Your Life

Trusting God is the issue of our day.  To walk confidently in a world that is growing increasingly unstable and confused, is to walk in the Word of God, trusting God to prosper us in every area of life.

Faith alone is not enough.  You may have faith in your head and even coming out of your mouth and not yet have trusted God enough to go on and step out on that faith because it doesn’t look like the safe thing to do.  You may even have had your faith confirmed by miraculous signs and wonders, and still not be acting on it in the daily decisions of life.  That’s one reason some people go from healing class to healing class to get healed.  Yet all that time God has been confirming His Word in them so they can build a base of trust to walk every day in His wholeness and provision.

Don’t get me wrong.  A lot can happen in the closed atmosphere of a gathering.  In the Spirit where there are no distractions, God can set us inside a capsule where the devil and all his minions can’t get in and bother us.  He will spoon feed us and give us revelation upon revelation.  He will confirm it.  Like we read in the last chapter of Mark; He works with the Word confirming it with signs following.

Thank God for gatherings like that.  I love them.  But when we leave the gathering, the rotten here and now of this world is waiting.  That’s where we find out that a revelation is not enough to get results.  We must act on what we know.  Or, as James says, we have to be “doers of the Word; not hearers only.”

Next Time – Just Jump!  PART 4 – Take the First Step

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