Just Jump! PART 5 – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back


What I’m talking about is walking out our faith by acting on His Word moment by moment.  When we walk daily in His Word, fear won’t hold us back.  Fear of failure stops most people, but not the champions.


When Babe Ruth was establishing his home run record, he was also setting the record for the most strikeouts in any year.  “I ain’t afraid to fail,” he said. “Pity them pitchers and don’t pity me.”


Isn’t it time the devil knew that about you?  Isn’t it time he figured out, “Well, if she gets on first, she’s coming to second.”  Soon he will tire of you running over him every time opposes you, knowing nothing will stop you from coming right at him.  And on top of that, he knows your Heavenly Father is the Umpire.  So being called “out” is out of the question!


So what if there are times when you take a step and you walk out there in faith, and if doesn’t look like anything happens.  You may even think, Boy, I must have really missed it this time.”


To tell the truth, I’d rather take a step of faith and find out I was wrong, than to sit there in fear and never do anything.  God can correct a step of faith even if it’s in the wrong direction.  Waiting in fear – that’s out of God’s hands.


More than once I’ve said, “OK, God, You seem to be awfully quiet about this.  Well, here I go.  Are You sure You want me to go?  OK, Here I go.”


Then I heard the Lord say, Now hold on a minute.


I said, “Why didn’t You say hold it before?”


He said, When you took that first step of faith and trust, you put Me in a position where I could talk to you.


Step out on the revelation He has given you, trust Him.  Step out there in the world where it looks like OK, here we go.  I’m going right on out there in the deep water, and it’s not sink or swim, it’s swim or else.


Jesus said, “If you will lose your life you will find it.”  The Amplified Bible says, “If you’ll turn loose of that low life, you’ll find the high life.”  


NEXT TIME – Just Jump!  PART 6 – Go Ahead and Bless God!


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