Just Jump! – Part 6 – Go Ahead and Bless God!

So, go ahead and bless God the only way that really counts.  Step out there on revelation of his Word.  Be a doer of His Word, and not a hearer only.  Get out there where only He can get it done.  Trust Him.

This move of God’s restoration of His wealth and property and the manifestation of His property in the lives of His people needs doers. It needs people who will walk in His Word instead of the thinking and systems of this world.

The Body of Christ is exploding right now with the desire to excel – to come to the highest place possible.  We are receiving the fullness pf manifestation of what Jesus shed His blood for us to acquire.

We are prospering in faith.  We are prospering in the Holy Spirit.  We are prospering in revelation.

And we’re going to trust Him; to bless Him.  We’re going to step out on His Word and walk in it daily.  That’s how we will empower God to excel in His highest desire – to see that we prosper and are in good health, even as our souls prosper, to remove every bondage and destroy every yolk, to restore what the enemy has stolen and to make sure that there is nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives.

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