The Past – Part 3: It’s All in Your Mind

When I think about how completely God demolishes the devil’s work in our past, I am often reminded of the winter home of my dear friend, Carla.  It wasn’t fancy but everyone enjoyed it.

When you came in through the back door, the mud room would welcome your heavy coats, boots and sweaters. There was a cozy living room with a glorious stone fireplace housing a crackling fire.  It was on top of the most beautiful mountain with a spectacular view of the slopes.

One day Carla decided to sell her beautiful winter chalet, much to everyone’s dismay.  A few months later she called stating the man who purchased “Hilltop Haven” had the nerve to bulldozed it.  What was he thinking? I couldn’t believe it!  The entire house was gone!

That’s the same thing that happened to our sinful, old past.  The blood of Jesus demolished it even more completely than that bulldozer!  In the mind of God, it is gone.

Every old, ungodly thing in your life – including the bad things other people did to you, the sorrows and pains the devil inflicted on you – has passed away.  Those things don’t exist anywhere on this planet – except in your mind.  The only power or reality they have is what you give them.

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