Walking In The Will of God: Part 2 – Perfect Will v. Permissive Will

Walking In The Will of God:  Part 2 – Perfect Will v. Permissive Will

Simply put, God’s perfect will is His plan and purpose for your life, not your own.  Elevating your self-will above God’s will leads to God’s permissive will.  Permissive will is when God allows you to make all the choices.  Oftentimes we end up making mistakes, hurting ourselves, and living with regret.  But it’s never too late to change.  If you repent and yield yourself to God, He will forgive you and lead you back into His perfect will.

You see, God will never force you to do anything.  If He did, everyone would be saved right now.  And although it is God’s will for them to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4), He will not force anyone to accept salvation.  The same is true of the will of God.  He will reveal it to you, if you’re willing to listen.  The truth of the matter is, without obedience, God’s will for your life will never come to pass.

I experienced this very thing when I took a position with a law firm about 30 – 45 minutes from my home.  I took the job to earn more money to purchase things I needed.  However, my plan failed because it was not the job God wanted me to have.  And when you’re out of the will of God, things just aren’t right.  You are always struggling to make ends meet, and there is no peace in your life.

When I finally realized I was in God’s permissive will, I repented and made the necessary changes.

Now, just because that job wasn’t God’s will for me doesn’t mean it wasn’t God’s will for someone else.  His plan for me is not His plan for you. Not everyone can be an architect, teacher, or accountant.  You may say, I’m anointed to do all things,” however, the Word says you have to be willing and able.  You may be willing to sing in the choir, but are you able to sing?  Can you even carry a tune?  If I tried to be a surgeon, I’d make a mess of things.  Why?  Because God didn’t call me to be one!

God has a plan and purpose for everyone, but we must be careful not to get weighted down by selfish desires.  It’s not about what we want, but what God wants.  Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”  He warns us in verse 7 to “Be not wise in your own eyes.…” Simply consult God first and trust Him, because He sees the big picture.

When you obey God, you can count on His protection.  Your provision is on the other side of your obedience.  Healing, debt cancellation, deliverance, wisdom, and anything else you need is made available to you when you walk in God’s will. 

Next Time: Part 3 – How To Walk In God’s Will

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