Undeserved Favor in our Lives

It’s unrealistic to think we can go through our entire lives without making any bad choices.

We all slip and fall from time to time on our Christian walk and, left to ourselves, we would eventually be overcome by guilt and condemnation. Without Jesus, that’s an uncomfortable thought, but accepting his unconditional love and acceptance brightens our prospects. When we feel we deserve punishment for a mistake we made, he gives us what we don’t deserve.

The world “keeps score” each time we make a mistake, and it tallies up the number of times we’ve done something wrong. Buying into this mindset can fool us into thinking we’re unlovable, but God’s way of thinking is the exact opposite. Trusting him enough to turn over every aspect of our lives to him positions us to receive grace. In the Old Testament, Noah found favor despite making mistakes like everyone else, and this favor is still available to us today.

Trying to perform according to the world’s standards is like running on a never ending treadmill. We can’t ever do enough to fulfill all the requirements set before us, but Jesus eliminates all the work and self effort the world insists is necessary. Developing a relationship with him releases us from the bondage of shame and guilt. He gave his very life to demonstrate this supernatural grace and forgiveness.

We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to experience favor; God wants to radically impact our lives right now, regardless of what we’ve done in the past. We don’t deserve abundant prosperity in every area of our lives, but he makes it available to us anyway. We don’t deserve peace and joy in tough times, or the ability to overcome situations that defeat others, but he offers those to us as well. Such is the nature of grace!

Look Beyond The Fear Of Failure

As we consider the uncertainties of the future, we are confronted with a powerful temptation: the temptation to “play it safe.”  Unwilling to move mountains, we fret over molehills.  Unwilling to entertain great hopes for tomorrow, we focus on the unfairness of today.  Unwilling to trust God completely, we take timid half-steps when God intends that we make giant leaps.

Today, ask God for the courage to step beyond the boundaries of your doubts.  Ask Him to guide you to a place where you can realize your full potential – a place where you are freed from the fear of failure.  Ask Him to do His part and commit to doing your part.  Don’t ask Him to lead you to a “safe” place; ask Him to lead you to the “right” place.  Remember, those two places are seldom the same.