Did you know that praising God invokes your spiritual authority and paralyzes the devil? The mistaken belief that God is in complete control is contradicted when you read in the book of Genesis that He gave Adam and Eve authority over all the earth. Because of their fall and the loss of that authority, Jesus came to restore it to mankind and give us dominion over heaven and hell. That may be very shocking to some Believers who don’t realize just how powerful Christ has made us. With that in mind, we must remember God will not come down from heaven to get the devil off our back. As Believers, we are expected to use our God-given power to do this ourselves. How? Through praise and thanksgiving. Praise and thanksgiving have real power in deciding the outcome of our situations. Giving thanks to God allows Him to move in our life and stops the devil in his tracks. In 2 Chronicles chapter 20, when the Moabites and the Ammonites gathered against Jehoshaphat to battle, the people did not know what to do. Despite being outnumbered, they responded by keeping their focus on God. God told them this was not their fight but His. The people’s praise, worship, and songs allowed God to intervene and He slew their enemies. Likewise, the same thing can happen for us when we give God praise and worship. Whether we dance and sing to music, lift our hands professing his goodness, or simply say, “Thank You Father” while sitting behind a desk at work, we allow God to take precedence over every circumstance in our life and defeat the enemy. When we stop struggling with the fight and start celebrating God, we are sure to see victory every single time.


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