Many Christians spend a considerable amount of time asking God to do things for them that He has already done, or has already told them to do. When we look at the concept of spiritual authority, it is simply the right to use God’s power. Praise and worship connects us to that power. Psalm 22:3 says God inhabits our praise. He can’t inhabit our praise if we won’t praise Him. There are Christians who come into the understanding of this concept and immediately start exercising it in their lives. But if they don’t see an overnight change in their situation they tend to think that something is wrong with God, or that what they are doing isn’t working. In actuality, the problem is their lack of consistency where the things of God are concerned. Consistency is the key to breakthrough. We don’t work out in the gym for one day then quit if we don’t see results. Likewise, we don’t praise God one time then quit if our breakthrough doesn’t show up. Praise and worship has to come from a place of knowing that God has already worked on our behalf, not the place of trying to get Him to do it. Right now, it may not look like that situation is ever going to turn around, however, keep thanking God. We must remain steadfast in His Word and don’t allow the devil to rob us of our faith right before we experience the manifestation of what has already been done. It is the will of God for every area of our lives to be blessed. Breakthrough is on the way.

SCRIPTURES:  Daniel 10:12 (AMP), Psalm 22:3, Isaiah 43:21, and John 10:10

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