When we accept the authority Jesus gave us, we realize we have the ability to withstand the devil’s lies, trickery, and deceit. The devil cannot force us to do anything – the only power he has is deception.  As Christians, we are righteous, holy, sanctified, and perfect. Not perfect in the sense that you’ve never made a mistake, but perfect in spirit, in complete and upright standing with God.

When we do not know the truth of who we are in Christ and the dominion that has been given to us, by default we turn that authority over to the enemy. We do not have to repeat Adam and Eve’s error. They gave their authority over to satan by believing and doing what he said instead of what God said. Christ has redeemed each of us. We are God’s own children. However, the devil will always try to shame us into thinking there something wrong with us. Ultimately this limits the believer that thinks he or she is not worthy of exercising the authority of God.

Not only do we have God’s compassionate and unconditional love; we have also been given unconditional authority. The devil tries to trick us into giving him what is rightfully ours—our God given authority. As James chapter 4 verse 7 instructs us to do – we must submit ourselves to God.

Resist the devil and he will flee!

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